Nanaimo and Area Executive and Directors

Left to Right: Ian Williams, Vic Ashdown, Charles Scrivener, Rick Roberts, Andy Gilman, Penny Kanigan, President Ken Jones,
Sheila Wilson, Sharon Whalen, Jim Gahr, Fran Graham, Marian Pickton and Bob Willis. Linda Wiltse not in photograph


As of March 22, 2018, the Nanaimo and Area Branch had 1880 members comprising 1230 retirees and 628 spouses.  Of the 1251 retirees, there are 1035 on DDS and 195 pay at Branch or by credit card.

Membership Fee Increase.  A reminder to all that Association membership fees for 2016 are $39.84 (Single) and $51.72 (Double).  (Previously, the fees were $38.28 and $49.68 respectively.)

New Website.  If you haven’t already done so, visit the new Association website at  You are encouraged to log on to your account – you will need your membership number and a personal password.  Once logged on, you can check your Membership Profile and update it if needed.