March 17, 2016 - Ammended March 28, 2019

Amended to conform to the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act and
the Association’s National By-Laws approved during August 2014














































**The contents of this document shall supersede all Branch Bylaw, Policy, Regulation, and Procedure documents that were approved on an earlier date for Branch BC05.



National Association of Federal Retirees Definitions and Abbreviations

-   “Act” means the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act.

-   “Association” means the National Association of Federal Retirees.

-   “AMM” means Annual Membership Meeting of the Association.

-   “Annuitants” are persons receiving an annuity pension.

-   “BC05” is the national identification for Nanaimo and Area Branch.

-   “Board” means the National Board of Directors of the Association.

-   “By-laws” refers to the Association’s National By-laws.

-   “HBO” is the Health and Benefits Officer appointed by the Board.

-   “PAO” is the Provincial Advocacy Officer appointed by the Board.

-   “RSO” is the Regional Service Officer appointed by the Board.



Branch Definitions and Abbreviations


-  “AGM” is the Annual General Meeting of Branch BC05.


-  “GM” is a General Meeting of Branch BC05 members.


-  “SGM” is a Special General Meeting of Branch BC05 members.


-  “Branch Executive” is the group of volunteers elected by Branch members to conduct and manage the business of Branch BC05.


-  “Branch Welcome Letter” is a welcoming letter included with the information kit that is sent to all new members that join Branch BC05.


-  “Budget” is the Annual Branch Budget approved by Branch BC05’s AGM.


-  “Charges” are funds collected at Branch events from members and their guests.  These charges are set by the Branch Executive before each event.


-  “Delegates” are the Branch President and members selected to represent Branch BC05 at National, Regional, and Training meetings.


-  “Membership Categories” are Single and Double.


-  “Minutes Files” contain the minutes of all Branch Executive and Branch meetings that are held by the Branch Secretary.  They can be viewed by the membership.


-  “Notice” the notification (webpage, newsletter, target dates) of Branch meetings.


-  “Preferred Partnerships” are organizations that offer discounts to members.


-  “Target Dates” is a list of dates of Branch meetings, deadlines, events, etc., that are approved by the Branch Executive at the beginning of each year.





2.1 Nanaimo and Area Branch is an entity and agent of the National Association of Federal Retirees, established by Charter during 1982.


2.2 Branch BC05 is subject to the Association’s National By-laws.


2.3 Branch BC05 boundary is defined in its Charter as the northern limit of the town of Ladysmith to the northern limits of Qualicum Bay, and from Gabriola Island to the West Coast of Vancouver Island, including the Villages of Ucluelet and Tofino.  The boundary is subject to change by the Association’s Board.


2.4      As an agent of the Association, Branch BC05 provides services to the members and carries out local programs consistent with the purpose and strategic direction of the Association by providing Core Functions  :


a.  advocacy, at the local level, in support of Association initiatives that;

i) support measures to protect and promote the pensions, benefits and general welfare of members and potential members; and

ii) oppose measures detrimental to the interests of members and potential members;


b.  information sharing ;


c.  membership recruitment and engagement ;


d.  member support - connecting individual members and their families with the information they need to access their pensions and benefits ;


e.  volunteer support and development ;


f.   responsible management of Branch finances and programs ;


g.  sound governance in accordance with applicable laws, bylaws and regulations.




2.5 The Branch shall carry out its operations without financial benefit to its members.  Any profit or other financial gain accruing to the Branch shall be used to promote the objectives of the Association.






3.1 A person eligible for membership in the Association is eligible for membership in Branch BC05.


3.2 A person’s membership in the Branch terminates automatically upon termination of membership in the Association.


3.3 New members who reside within the Branch boundary shall be allocated to the Branch unless the member requests allocation to another branch.


3.4 Members may request re-allocation to another branch at any time.


3.5 In the event of dissolution of the Branch, members shall be re-allocated by the Association’s Board to adjacent branches.


3.6 All members shall abide by the Association’s Code-of-Conduct and, if found to be in contravention of the Code, may be subject to discipline in accordance with the Association’s By-laws and Regulations.






4.1 Membership fees are set by the Association’s AMM.


4.2 The Branch is responsible for remitting quarterly, to the National office, the portion of membership Fees received by the Branch that are owed nationally.






5.1 The Branch Executive shall manage and supervise the affairs of Branch BC05 subject to the Act, Association Bylaws and Regulations, and these bylaws.  The Branch Executive is accountable to the Board of the Association.


5.2 The Branch Executive is responsible for maintaining Branch records including Branch financial and administrative reports, and for submitting reports, as required, to the Association’s national office.


5.3 The Branch Executive shall consist of all Branch Officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary), and all Branch Directors.


5.4 The Branch Executive may invite a Past-President of Branch BC05 to assist the President and serve as a voting member of the Executive until the next AGM.


5.5 Members of the Branch Executive must be valid members of the Association and Branch.  If membership lapses or is terminated by either the member through resignation, or by the Association, the Executive member immediately ceases to hold office.


5.6 Area Coordinators shall be appointed as non-voting advisors to the Branch Executive, to represent each of the four major geographical centers of Branch BC05 (Nanaimo, Parksville, Qualicum, and Port Alberni).



5.A Branch Officers


5.A.1    The Officers of Branch BC05 shall be :  President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  All Officers to serve a two-year term unless otherwise specified.


5.A.2     Officers shall be elected at the Branch AGM and they shall be installed before the AGM is adjourned.


5.A.3     The President and Treasurer are to be elected during odd numbered years.  Vice-President and Secretary are to be elected during even numbered years.


5.B    Branch Directors


5.B.1     Directors of Branch BC05 shall number twelve to fourteen members (12-14).


5.B.2     Directors are elected at the AGM and shall be installed at the time of election.

5.B.3     Directors, half of whom are to be elected annually, shall serve a two-year term.


5.B.4     Most directors shall be assigned specific duties such as Director of  “Membership”, “Telephoning”, “Programs”, “Newsletter Editor”, “Communication and Websites”, “Health and Benefits”, “Registration”, “Awards”, “Speakers”, and “Branch Historian” (see duty details in Appendix 1).  A change of, or cancellation of duties does not affect a Director’s status as a member of the Branch Executive.



5.C Branch Executive


5.C.1 The Branch Executive shall :


a. make appointments to fill vacancies in its membership until the next AGM of Branch BC05, where the position shall be filled by Election ;


b. appoint a Nominating Committee at least 120 days before the Branch AGM.  Its duties will be detailed by the President ;  and


c. meet at least six (6) times annually at the call of the President or as identified in the annual “Target Dates”, to approve Branch Budgets, Financial forecasts, Target dates, Meeting dates & venues, Reports, Delegates, Committee members, and other specified event/functions (usually before and after Branch meetings).


5.C.2   A Branch Executive meeting may be conducted by telephonic, electronic or other means of communication that permits adequate communication among Executive members.  A member participating thus shall be recorded as “present” in the minutes.


5.C.3  Members of the Branch Executive with specific responsibilities shall submit reports at all meetings at the call of the President.


5.C.4  Minutes will be kept of each meeting and be accessible to Branch members.


5.C.5   In order to conduct business, a Branch Executive meeting shall require a quorum of 50% of its members then in office.


5.C.6   Any Executive member that has missed six consecutive regularly scheduled Branch Executive meetings shall be deemed to have vacated his/her position.


5.C.7  Branch ad hoc committees may be established as seen fit by the Branch President.

5.C.8   All members of the Branch Executive and Branch Committees shall be subject to Policies stated in Appendices 2 and 3; and they shall be governed by the Association’s and Branch’s Code of Conduct in Appendix 7.



5.D Duties Of Branch Officers


5.D.1   The Branch President shall :


a. chair all Branch and Branch Executive meetings with the aid of “Robert’s Rules of Order”.  In the absence of the President, the meeting shall be chaired by the next senior officer available, as listed in Bylaw 5.A.1 ;


b.   provide leadership and manage the affairs of Branch BC05 by ensuring the continuous flow of information between Branch members and their National Directors, Provincial Officers, the HBO, the RSO, the PAO and national office staff.  Maintain effective relations with other branches, their elected officers and the national office ;


c.   represent the interests of the members assigned to the Branch in provincial and national interactions, media relations and community activities ;


d.   ensure copies of signed minutes of Branch meetings, reviewed Branch financial statements for the year, a statement identifying Branch financial accounts, and “Annual Target Dates” are tabled and distributed at Branch meetings ;


e.    ensure copies of approved Branch AGM minutes and the “Financial Review Committee” report are submitted to National office by April 15th each year ;


f.    submit proposals for discussion at any National meeting or Special General meeting. The proposals must have been approved for submission by the Branch Executive or at a Branch meeting ;


g.   represent the Branch as “Delegate” at Association meetings ;


h.   if unable to attend an Association meeting, ensure that Branch BC05 has a

legal delegate attend to represent the Branch ;


i.   delegate duties among Branch Directors, ensure appropriate distribution of tasks, coordinate Director activities, ensure their training and guidance are adequate thus providing a continuity of succession within the Branch ;


j.   request verbal or written Reports from Branch Directors as required ;



k.  request updated Bylaws, Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines of Branch BC05 for discussion and approval by the Branch Executive and the Branch AGM or SGM.  They must be signed by the President and Secretary, and then forwarded to the Board ;


l.   coordinate activities of Branch BC05 with other Branch Presidents, National Directors, the RSO and the PAO in the region ;  and


m.  undertake specific functions as assigned by the National President or other members of the Association’s Board of Directors.



5.D.2   The Branch Vice-President shall :


a.  normally act for the President when the latter is unavailable ;


b.  perform other duties assigned by the President ;  and


c.  if the President is incapacitated or leaves office, assume the Presidents duties until the next Branch AGM, where an election will be held either to complete the presidential term of office if an even numbered year or to begin a new two-year term if an odd numbered year.



5.D.3   The Branch Secretary shall :


a. record minutes at all Branch and Branch Executive meetings ;


b.   sign the minutes and present them to the President as soon as practicable ;


c.   be charged with the safe-keeping of minutes in both a digital and paper  formatted “Minutes File” that includes any approved amendments ;


d.   be responsible for all general Branch correspondence ;


e.   prepare the Annual Report in accordance with Association By-laws ;


f.    copy documents for mailing and for distribution at Branch meetings ;


g.   maintain an updated Association “Administrative Guidelines for Branches”, Branch BC05 “Bylaws, Policies & Procedures”, Regulations  ;   and


h.   order and distribute Branch stationary and supplies.




5.D.4   The Branch Treasurer  shall :


a.  keep Branch BC05 accounts and a General Ledger in accordance with established accounting practices and the policies described in Appendices 2 & 3 and shall usually exercise primary signing authority for expenditures ;


b.  prepare Branch budgets, financial reports and forecasts for the Branch Executive, AGM, GMs and SGM as required by Association By-laws ;


c.   arrange a list of Branch Executive members granted “Signing Authority” for Branch BC05 by the Branch Executive ;


d.   pay approved Branch expenditures and disbursements with cheques signed by two of the members granted signing authority ;


e.   liaise with the Financial Review Committee to produce its annual report ;


f.    maintain a record of Branch-held property ;


g.   ensure procedures for collection of delinquent non-DDS fees are conducted ;


h.   maintain accounts in an appropriate financial institution in which Branch funds will be held, and a Postal Box as the Branch mailing address ;


i.    deposit and have custody of “Branch Funds”, thus frequently receiving and documenting fees from the Director-of-Membership and “Charges” from the Director-of-Programs ;


j.    maintain and report contents of and expenditures from “Reserve Funds” (eg. Defense-of-Benefits Reserve Fund) ;


k.    during April and December, through the Branch President, Director-of-Membership and Branch Executive, remit to the National office a Per Capita Form of Branch Members, their category, fees collected by Branch BC05, and any Branch “Life Award Recipient” fees ;   and


l.    each year, request a Certificate of Insurance from the national office.





6.1 The Nominations Committee shall consist of at least a chairperson appointed by the Branch Executive.  The chairperson may select other Branch members to serve on this Committee, but they shall not be members of the Branch Executive.


6.2 The role of the Nominations Committee is to assist with the nomination and election of eligible Branch members as Officers and Directors.


6.3 The Nominations Committee shall call for nomination of candidates for all available Branch positions, and then present a list of positions and eligible candidates to the Branch AGM.


6.4 Candidate names for each Officer position must be submitted to the Nominations Committee at least 30 days before the Branch AGM.  Candidates for Director can be nominated from the floor of the Branch AGM.


6.5 The chairperson of the Nominations Committee shall conduct an election for each available position.  The slate of candidates for “Director” may require a series of votes.  After each vote, the candidate with the fewest votes shall be dropped from the slate before the next vote.  This process is repeated until the slate contains the number of names equal to the number of Branch Director positions available.


6.6 The vote shall be by show of hands by the members present at the AGM.


6.7 If no candidate is presented at the Branch AGM to fill a vacant position, the Branch Executive may appoint a Branch member to fill the position until the next AGM.





7.1  There shall be a minimum of three (3) General Meetings of Branch BC05 each year, as arranged by the Branch Executive and identified in the annual “Target Dates”.  Members shall be given “Notice” of any Branch meeting at least 14 days prior to the meeting.  The Quorum required to conduct business at any formal meeting of Branch BC05 is 2% of Branch members.


7.2    The first GM of the year shall be designated the Branch AGM and it shall be no later than April 1st of the year.  Members shall be notified of the AGM date at least 21 days prior to this meeting.  The mandatory business of the Branch shall be conducted at the AGM,   where attending Branch members shall :


a.   approve or amend an agenda for the AGM;


b.   approve or amend minutes of the previous Branch AGM and any SGM;


c.   receive reports from the Officers and Directors of Branch BC05 concerning the activities and future plans of the Branch Executive;


d.   receive the report of the Financial Review Committee for the previous year and appoint a chairperson of this committee for the current year;


e.   approve the budget for the current year and a financial forecast for the next year;


f.   consider proposed amendments of Branch bylaws, policies and procedures ;


g.   conduct elections of Branch Officers and Directors ;  and


h.   conduct other such business as may be properly brought before the AGM.


7.3 A Special General meeting of Branch BC05 may be called by the President or upon request by 15 Branch members.  A SGM requested by the members shall be held within 30 days of receipt of the request.  Any SGM shall deal only with the business discussed in the “Notice” of the meeting.


7.4 The President’s decision on questions of order may be subject to appeal, if the appeal is sustained by a two-thirds vote of Members in attendance.


7.5 Only Members in good standing are eligible to vote at Branch meetings, eligible to hold office, eligible to be Members of committees, or eligible to utilize discount purchasing arrangements by the Branch or Association.


7.6 Full minutes shall be kept for all Branch Executive and Members meetings.  They shall be presented at the next meeting and those records entered into the Branch archives.



8. FISCAL  YEAR :  The Fiscal or Financial Year shall be the Calendar Year.






9.1 The Branch Executive shall designate who has signing authority to sign contracts and to make payments on behalf of the Branch.  Spouses shall not both hold signing authority ; two persons in a family, domestic or business relationship may not both hold signing authority.  No person shall authorize a cheque made out in their own name.


9.2 The banking business of the Branch shall be conducted at such bank, trust company or other firm or corporation carrying on a banking business, designated by the Branch Executive, in compliance with the Association’s policy.


9.3 The Chairperson of the Financial Review Committee and Branch President shall appoint other members of this Committee.  A member of the Financial Review Committee cannot be a member of the Branch Executive.


9.4 This Review Committee shall review the year’s Branch financial statements and prepare a report to be presented at the AGM.  After the AGM, the report shall be forwarded to the Association’s national office, no later than April 15th .


9.5 A budget for funds shall be presented by the Branch Executive at the AGM and a financial report submitted at all GMs of Branch BC05.


9.6  The Branch Executive shall have authority to make expenditures listed in the budget and financial forecast approved at the Branch AGM, and otherwise shall have authority to make expenditures as needed up to the Branch set limit as established by the Association’s Board.


9.7 An expenditure that was not included in the approved budget forecast requires the approval of a majority (50%+1) of the votes cast at a Branch GM or SGM. An expenditure of more than the Branch set limit requires approval of the Association’s Board of Directors.


9.8    The Branch Executive shall allocate monies to a “Defence-of-Benefits Emergency Reserve Fund” as approved by the Branch AGM, expenditures from which may be made only to support initiatives to promote or protect significant pension or health benefits.


9.9    Subject to membership approval at a Branch meeting, the Branch Executive may also allocate monies to other “Reserve Funds” for special and specified purposes.  The purposes and expenditures of all “Reserve Funds” must be listed, approved, and reported at least annually to the Branch membership.  The Financial Review Committee shall review and report on the activity of all Branch “Reserve Funds”.


9.10 No member elected to the Branch Executive or elected or appointed to serve the Branch in any capacity shall receive remuneration for services rendered pursuant to that election or appointment.


9.11 Branch BC05 shall not have any authority to borrow money.





10.1 After a Notice-of-Motion detailing the proposed changes is included in the “Notice” for the AGM, these “Bylaws, Policies and Procedures” can only be amended by a majority of votes at a Branch AGM.


10.2 Between Branch AGMs, the Branch Executive (by two-thirds majority) or a Branch meeting (by 50% +1 majority) may make, amend or repeal sections of these “Bylaws, Policies and Procedures”, on an interim basis.  Sections 5.A, 5.B and 5.C pertaining to the Branch Executive are excluded from interim change.  Any interim change shall be in effect only until the next Branch AGM, where they shall be approved, amended, or rejected by the members in attendance.


10.3    Branch members must be notified of any proposed interim changes to these “Bylaws, Policies and Procedures” in the “Notice” of the Branch meeting where they shall be discussed.  Interim changes can only remain in effect if/when approved by the next Branch AGM.


10.4   By April 15th after the AGM these AGM approved “Bylaws, Policies and Procedures” shall be sent to the Association’s Board for screening and approval.


10.5 In the event of a discrepancy or disagreement between these bylaws and the Association By-laws, the Association By-law shall govern.


10.6 Branch members can view or receive a copy of these bylaws upon request.





11.1   Approval of a proposal to request the Association’s Board to dissolve or subdivide the Branch requires two-thirds of the votes cast at an AGM or Special Branch meeting.  The proposal to dissolve or subdivide will be indicated on the “Notice” of the meeting.


11.2 Upon approval of a motion to “dissolve” or “subdivide” Branch BC05 and upon consultation with the affected branches, members shall be re-allocated by the Association’s Board to adjacent branches or the new subdivided branches.  Administration of the winding up of Branch BC05 shall be assumed by the Association’s Board and any assets remaining after settlement of Branch BC05’s liabilities shall be transferred to the Association for use in the best service of the former members of Branch BC05.





12.1 The Branch may recommend to the Association’s Board the removal from office of any Officer, Director, or Member of the Branch, whose actions are considered by a “Branch Meeting” of members to be prejudicial to the welfare of the Association.





13.1 Subject to the Association Travel Policy and Branch Travel Policy (see Appendix 2), a member serving the Branch in any capacity shall be reimbursed expenses necessarily and reasonably incurred in the conduct of the affairs of the Branch.  If a conflict arises between Association and Branch travel policies, Association Travel Policy shall prevail.


13.2 Branch expense claims shall be submitted by invoice with receipts to the Branch Treasurer at any time.  All travel expense claims made by members of the Branch Executive must be approved by the President of Branch BC05.  For any year, all expense claims should be submitted by the final Branch Executive meeting (December) of that year.




BRANCH PRESIDENT  -  provides leadership and manages the affairs of Branch             BC05 by activities such as :

a.  reviewing Branch financials – is budget accurate and appropriate?     Are contracts signed within established criteria? ;


b.  reviewing human resources – can we attract and maintain volunteers needed to operate the branch?   Is there a succession plan for executive positions? ;


c. ensuring time management is tracking goals – delegate responsibilities appropriately among branch directors and coordinate their activities; ensure Member requests are answered in a timely and manner ;


d. ensuring technical requirements are operating efficiently ;


e.   informing Branch members of the Association’s national and provincial activities ;


f.    encouraging Branch input into National policy development ;


g.   ensuring volunteers are educated about their roles within the branch ;


h.   identifying, building and maintaining relationships with established affiliate and non-affiliated entities such as government, non-affiliated organizations and prospective members ;  and


i.   developing Branch and media relations policies at branch level.



VICE-PRESIDENT  - is usually filled by an Officer “in training” for Branch President

           and “assessment” by the membership.



The “Past President” -  serves as an advisor to the Branch Executive.  He/she can have

          such other duties and powers as the President and Executive of the Branch may





a.  Reports directly to the Branch President.

b.  Maintains the most recent Association “Administrative Guidelines for Branches” ; Branch BC05’s  “Bylaws, Policies & Procedures”, Regulations and Guidelines in a binder for easy access.  This can be used as a reference source and governance for meetings.

c.  Documents that the Secretary no-longer needs are usually transferred to the Historian who either Archives or destroys them.



a.  Reports directly to the Branch President.

b.  Maintains frequent contact with the other Branch Officers, and Directors responsible for Membership, Databases, Programs, and Branch Newsletter.

c.  Directly assists the President and Financial Review Committee with the preparation of many financial Reports for submission to the Branch AGM and the National office.


Director-of  “Membership”  -

a.   Ensures usage, preparation and distribution of recruitment packages.  Maintains, signs and distributes “Branch Welcome Letter” as required.


b.  Ensures distribution of membership cards, new member welcome kits, clear communication of membership benefits and services, and membership retention.


c.  Establishes and maintain contacts with local federal government, CF/RCMP offices.  Contacts are in person whenever possible or alternatively by mail.


d.  Seeks to obtain names of retired or retiring employees of the Public Service, CF and RCMP in order to contact and supply potential members with Association literature or application forms.


e.  Seeks opportunities to attend retirement planning seminars held locally to make presentations for the Association.


f.  Produces reports of Branch membership activity and status for the Association, and for Branch meetings and newsletters.

g.   Seeks opportunities to display Association literature and posters regarding Branch BC05 meetings, social events and news in all federal government office buildings, local Legion halls and Seniors’ Centres.


h.   Maintains the list of Branch volunteers (phoners, phoner-captains, etc.).


Director-of-Branch “Databases”  -

a. Maintains membership databases, e.g., the central Association database

(currently WMS) and any local, Branch-specific databases that may be needed.


b.   Stays current on the above databases by maintaining familiarity with their programs as they evolve to meet Association/Branch needs.


c.   Trains other members to use the databases if required by Branch duties.


d.   Produces database outputs (digital or hardcopy as required), such as :

  - membership lists specific to individual Board members,

  - master phoner and phone-captain lists to the Telephone Director,

  - billing invoices for members on Fees to the Treasurer,

  - area-specific address lists to the card persons,

  - mailing labels and addressed envelopes as needed,

  - mailing lists for the hardcopy newsletter to the distributor,  and

  - ‘lost contacts’ lists to Board members ;


     e.    Assists the Membership Director preparing membership reports.


f.    Each quarter, receives the completed lists from Branch phoners and collate/ disseminate this information to the Branch Executive and updates the databases.



Director of  “Programs”   -

a. Assists the Branch Executive to format an annual calendar of  “Target Dates”

and Branch Events.


b.  Arranges meeting facilities and catering for Branch meetings and events as identified by the Branch Executive of Branch BC05.


c.  Arranges and signs contracts for these Branch functions within the Budget by negotiating for best rates of meals, meeting rooms, etc., thus building a network of facilities capable of handling the requirements of Branch BC05.


d.  Advises of progress via reports to each meeting and for inclusion of venues and arrangements in Branch newsletters and websites.


e.   Coordinates with Telephone and Registration Directors, and Branch Treasurer re attendance at meetings and luncheons, arrange for volunteers at these venues to accept registration and Charges (door management), transfer of these monies to the Treasurer, record names of members not honoring their reservations, and follow procedures in Appendix 6 to collected the delinquent Charges.


f.   Arranges for payment of funds to service providers.


Directors (HBO) responsible for estate issues and health benefits   -

     a.  Becomes knowledgeable of members benefits and advise and assist them.


b.  Be available to advise relatives of Members who were annuitants, on matters relating to survivors’ benefits.


c.  Reports significant and/or unusual issues facing members regarding benefit plans (PSHCP, PDSP, etc.) to the Branch Executive, GMs and National office.



Director of “Telephoning”   -

     a.  Recruits volunteers as phoners and phoner-captains to contact members.


b. Keeps the Database Director informed of these volunteers & their training.


c. Coordinates the flow of information among phoner-captains and phoners ensuring early notification to members of Branch meetings and functions.


d.  Provides Director of Registration with member’s names (gathered by phoners) that will attend Branch GMs and Event/functions.


e.  Coordinates other activities with Directors of Membership and Programs.



Director responsible for the “Branch Newsletter”  -

a.  Prepares and produces a newsletter prior to each Branch meeting for approval by Branch Officers and arranges for its distribution to Members.


b.  Amends and maintains Branch BC05’s website to ensure up-to-date and accurate information for the membership.



Director responsible for “Communication”  -

a.  Contacts local news media (newspaper, television and radio) to inform about Branch activities and extend invitations where appropriate.  Adheres to Association Communication policies when media contacts are made.


b.  Provides advisories or news releases to media as required.


c.  Informs attendees at retirement seminars about the Association.



Director responsible for “Guest Speakers” -  at Branch Events shall identify them for

         approval by the Branch Executive ; send formal invitations, arrange presentation

         needs, and communicate info and bios about the speakers through the Branch

         Newsletters ; and formally thank the speakers on behalf of Branch BC05.


Director designated as “Historian” -  shall maintain Branch Archives in Paper and

         Electronic forms ; collect old documents from members and Branch Executive ;

         and then vet, and archive or destroy (unwanted) these documents.



Director for “Registration”   -

a.   Gathers attendee information for Branch BC05 GMs and Event/functions from Telephone Director and volunteers.


b.   Consolidates the information into an alphabetical list (noting previous unwarranted absentees, new members, award recipients, guests, and members with delinquent Charges), keeping the list updated until the meeting (2-weeks).


c.   Provides attendee lists for Director of Programs and summarize information for the Branch Executive.


    d.   Coordinates all updates of meeting lists with the Director of Programs.


    e.   Reports attendance/comment information at next Executive meeting.


f.   Updates listing of absentee members with information obtained from the Branch Treasurer and Director of Programs.



Director of “Awards” -  shall prepare annually a list of Award candidates using the

        criteria in Appendix 4 for approval by the Branch Executive of Branch BC05 ;

        and print, prepare and frame these awards for the President to present at Branch




Other Directors as required ; At-Large (to assist HBO), Chair Committees, or to assist

        other Director positions.



The President or Branch Executive shall assign duties to and appoint Chairpersons of any Branch BC05 Committees.




Association Travel Policy applies to all members of Branch BC05 that are conducting Branch business.


Vehicle Mileages Rates for Claims to Branch BC05

-  Current Federal Government Treasury Board rates will be used to reimburse mileage claims for Branch Executive or Branch members.

-  Approved claims will be paid by Branch 05.

-  Claims from Branch Executive members attending Branch Executive meetings shall be reimbursed on the basis of total mileage minus 25 km.

-  Claims from Branch Executive and Association members on Association sanctioned business shall be reimbursed on the basis of total mileage (km); where possible car-pooling must be used.  The President must approve each claim.

-  Claims for Branch Executive members needing to attend Branch GMs, SGMs or the AGM shall be reimbursed on the basis of total mileage minus 25 km; where possible car-pooling must be used.  The President must approve each claim.





Financial Practices Policy Paper


1.0  Accounting method to be used to report Income and Expenses for Nanaimo and Area Branch (BC05) is the Accrual method.  The financial year of the Branch will be the calendar year.  All Officers of the Branch have fiduciary responsibility.


2.0  The Branch will form a “Financial Review Committee” each year as required by Association and Branch bylaws.


3.0 The Branch may form a Finance Committee chaired by the Vice President to assist the Treasurer.  This committee would consist of the Vice President, Treasurer and a person from the general membership.  A responsibility of any Finance Committee is to develop a 5 year plan and update this plan yearly.  The Finance Committee should make recommendations to the Branch Executive on Financial matters and required policy changes. The Branch President is an ex-officio member of this committee.


3.0 Spending for unbudgeted items shall be dealt with on an individual basis by the Branch Executive and then brought to the Membership for ratification. The Branch President shall put each item on the Agenda for discussion and a decision.


4.0 The Branch will permit the usage of personal home computers, when needed, in lieu of buying a Branch owned computer.  The individual must submit a “request” to the President for approval including costs. After “request” approval by the President, it shall be presented to the Branch Executive for ratification.  Ratified requests should be reported at a Branch GM or AGM.  The individual will be reimbursed once approved by the Branch Executive.  Requests for approval should be filed semi-annually.


5.0 Valid reasons for personal computer usage include Internet, E-mail, document preparation, membership data storage and financial record keeping requirements.  Other reasons can be valid and dealt with on an individual request basis.


6.0 Routine claims for supplies, travel, printing, meeting expenses etc. must be approved by the President before being paid by the Treasurer.  The Treasurer, being the keeper of the funds, should be one of the signers on the cheques.  Exceptions are permitted when a cheque is made payable to the Treasurer for an expense or when the Treasurer is unavailable to sign.


6.1 Receipts for money to be deposited into the bank should be completed by the Branch Treasurer.  All deposits shall be posted in the General Ledger by the Treasurer.


7.0 The Annual review of Branch finances shall be conducted by the Financial Review Committee with Individuals having knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.  While an Accounting Certification may be preferable, individuals without certification may also do the review.


7.1  The Branch Executive may authorize payment for these services, give a gratuity or look for qualified Volunteers.


7.2  Request for qualified people to do the year-end Financial Review should be made at the AGM. It needs to be pointed out at the meeting that the Volunteers need to have knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or some Accounting Certification.


7.3 The Financial Review Committee should be composed of an Auditor or Branch members with knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. The Treasurer is an ex-officio member who has the responsibility to answer committee questions and to provide information to the committee.  Members of the Branch Executive cannot serve on the Financial Review Committee.


8.0  The process to be followed for the year-end financial reporting by the Branch will be as follows:

  a. Treasurer to prepare the necessary reports requested by National Office

  b. Treasurer to make available the Branch books for review

  c.  Review Committee to scrutinize and review the Branch Finances

  d.  Review Committee to make recommendations based on their findings

  e.  A Report to be presented to the Branch Executive

  f.  The Report to be presented to the Branch Annual General Meeting.


8.1 The procedure to be followed at the Branch Executive meeting and AGM shall be as follows.  The Treasurer presents the Financial Report and answers questions after which the Financial Review Committee gives their report and answers questions.  The Branch Financials will now be accepted as presented or accepted with recommendations.  A copy of this report shall be sent to the Association’s National Office in Ottawa.


9.0   Between Branch Executive Meetings, financial decisions may be approved by the President up to a value of $100.00.  Any amount greater than $100.00 and not a line item in the approved budget must be approved or rejected by majority vote of the Executive Committee at the next meeting.


10.0   All temporary floats issued by the Treasurer to Branch Executive members shall be returned to the Treasurer by December 31 of the year in question.  New floats will be issued the following Financial year where needed. The membership Director will be allowed to maintain a permanent float of $100 for his/her use.  This float will be shown as a line item in the Financial Records.


11.0   The Treasurer, coordinating with the Director of Programs, shall receive social funds from a list of members who fail to honour their luncheon reservation as described in Appendix 6.





The “Branch Certificate of Appreciation”  or   Five-Year Certificate-of-Service


Award Criteria


Branch BC05 volunteers shall be awarded a Service Certificate after five years of continuous service to the Branch.  The member must be in good standing with Nanaimo and Area Branch (BC05) as defined in the Association’s By-laws.  A member of the Executive shall present a list of certified-as-eligible candidates each year at a January or February meeting of the Branch Executive for approval.  Approved members on this list will be presented a “Five-Year Certificate-of-Service” Award at an appropriate time during the year for which the Award is granted.  The Award recipient will be invited to attend a Branch General Meeting where he/she will receive lunch and the 5-year Certificate-of-Service paid for by Branch BC05.


Qualifications for a “Five-Year Certificate-of-Service” shall be interpreted to mean one or more of the following examples of service :


1. Served as a Branch or National Officer or Director for a minimum period of 5-years ;

2.  Served as a Committee or Phoner volunteer of the Branch for 5-years ;

3.  Served as an Area Coordinator, Hospital Visitor, or Card Writer for a minimum period of 5-years ;   or

4.  Continuously volunteered in a combination of the above Services for 5-years.


The “President’s Long Service Award”  or    15-Year Certificate-of-Service


Award Criteria


Volunteers may be granted official recognition (15-Year Service Award) for Long Service to the Branch or any other part of the Association.  Members* must be in good standing with the Branch.  Nominations for a President’s Long Service Award must be sponsored by the Branch President and approved unanimously at a Branch Executive meeting (Officers and Directors).  The “President’s Long Service Award” shall be interpreted as a replacement for the old “Branch President’s Commendation” (Branch Long Service Award).


The qualifications for the  “President’s Long Service Award”  shall be interpreted to mean one or more of the following examples of service :


1. Served as a Branch, Regional, or National Officer or Director for a minimum period of fifteen years ;


2. Served as a volunteer for Branch BC05 or Branches of the Association over a 15-year period of time (not necessarily for one Branch or during consecutive years) ;


3. Served as an Area Coordinator, Phone-Captain, Committee member, Hospital Visitor, phoner or Card Writer for a period of 15-years ;   or


4. Volunteered in a combination of the above Services for a minimum total

period of 15-years.


While the Award is made to recognize a specific individual of the Association, we should also acknowledge the spouse**.  A special invitation to attend a Branch Meeting should be issued to the member and his/her spouse, where the Branch President (or Appointee) will present the member with a “15-Year Certificate-of-Service”.  After the meeting, the Award recipient and his/her spouse’s Luncheon costs will then be paid for by Branch BC05.


* Member as defined in Association By-Laws.

**Spouse being defined as in the Charter of Rights.


The “Branch President’s Exemplary Volunteer”   or   Exemplary Service Award


Award Criteria


 Exemplary Volunteers may be granted official recognition for meritorious service to the Branch and the National Association of Federal Retirees.  Nominations as an Exemplary Service Volunteer must be approved unanimously by the Branch Executive and approved at a Branch General Meeting.  The Branch can recognize only one “President’s Exemplary Volunteer” per year.


The qualifications for the  “Exemplary Service Award”  shall be interpreted to mean most of the following examples of service :


1. Manifested the attributes of a Builder or Founder of the Organization and rendered exceptional service to Branch BC05 and the Association.


2. Received the “President’s Long Service Award” or the “Branch President’s Commendation” during a previous year.


3. Displayed unusual fortitude in servicing a Branch or Branches of the Association over an extended period of time.


4. Served continuously as a Branch Officer, Branch Director, Regional Officer or National Officer, while exhibiting an extraordinary high standard of performance.


Awards to sick or deceased members may be presented to a family member in the absence or unavailability of the member.


A special invitation to attend a Branch General Meeting should be issued to the member and his/her spouse.  The Award should be presented during this meeting.  The Award recipient and his/her spouse shall receive Lunch, and the award recipient shall receive a commemorative “award” and or “gift certificate” paid for by Branch BC05.  The form of the award and gift certificate shall be determined by the Branch Executive.


Life Award Recipient


In the past, a few “Long-Serving Volunteers” had been granted special recognition for meritorious service to Nanaimo and Area Branch (BC05) and the Association though awarding of a “Life Membership”.  A Branch member had proposed the candidate to the Branch Executive at one of their meetings and the candidate had to be accepted unanimously by the Branch Executive.  A “Life Membership” was granted to the member at the next AGM of Branch BC05 when a majority of members agreed to finance the Award.


Qualifications :  This award had been granted only to a member that had given many years (15-20 years) of outstanding service to the Branch and the Association.  The number of “Life Membership” awards financed by Branch BC05 has never exceeded three (3) members during any year.


 Association By-laws no longer permit awarding of new Life Memberships and former recipients are now call “Life Award Recipients”.  As of November 2014, Nanaimo and Area Branch had two Life Award Recipients whose Membership Fees are paid annually by Branch BC05.




Branch Participation in Charities


- Official Branch 05 participation in Volunteer events will be restricted to events which involve Seniors (most notably Association members).  Charitable event’s participation will not be judged on the basis of whether the Charity is important and necessary but on the basis of how it directly affects our members.


Branch Facility & Service Usage


- Official Branch 05 support in the distribution of material for Charitable and Non-profit Organizations will not be judged on the basis of whether the Charity or Non-profit Society’s purpose is important and necessary but on the basis of how it directly impacts our members.


Branch Philosophy


- We encourage all Association members to individually choose and support the Charities of their choosing.





To determine and outline the procedures for organizing, and collecting charges for, various Branch membership meetings where costs are incurred by the Branch for meals of individuals.




* The Executive publishes, at least one year in advance, the dates of the following year’s functions where a venue is required and meals are to be provided.


* The Program Director, at least three months ahead of the published date, shall make arrangements with suitable venues, negotiate reasonable rates, and provide information to the Branch Executive with reference to costs, menus, and other related information as required.


* The Program Director, with the required amount of time necessary, shall provide the publisher of the Branch Newsletter with the information, allowing the membership to be aware of the meeting. A reminder shall be included in the newsletter advising the procedure for members who either cannot honour their original reservation, or of the policy that covers the situation if they fail to attend.


* The Phone Director shall ensure that all information is available for the Phone Captains with enough time to provide the final attendance figures to the Registration Director at least seven days prior to the function date, who shall forward the reservation information to the Program Director.


* The Program Director will attempt to make adjustments to the reservation list up to two days prior to the function if sudden illness or another suitable reason for non-attendance has been identified.


* The Program Director will forward all pertinent information with regards to meeting attendance to the Treasurer and the Registration Director within seven days of the function.


* The Program Director will provide information to the Branch Executive at the ensuing Executive meeting with reference to the Branch meeting attendance.


Procedure for Outstanding Charges:


* Normally, the Branch will subsidize the cost of Branch members’ meals for an amount agreed upon by the Branch Executive with input from the Treasurer.


* Wives and guests who are not current members shall not be provided the subsidy and must pay the full price of the meal.


* Members who fail to honour their reservation for the first time shall receive a letter from the Program Director requesting payment for the meal reserved for them. Those members who reimburse the Branch will remain in good standing with reference to future attendance.


* Members who fail to honour their reservation for the second time without previous payment shall receive a letter from the Program Director requesting payment for the meals reserved for them, and their reservation for the next meeting will only be accepted if they provide funds for the previous meals missed.


* Members who fail to honour their reservation for the third time without previous payment shall receive a letter from the Program Director requesting payment for the meals reserved for them and advised that, unless payment is received for previous missed meals they will be removed from the Phone Captain’s calling list and would not be able to participate in future meetings where meals are at a cost to the membership.




1. This Code of Conduct for BC05 applies to members of the Nanaimo and Area Branch Executive and of Branch Committee members.  The Code of Conduct provides a formal statement of the policies and principles of conduct for Branch members that occupy positions defined by Branch BC05.

2. All committee members are expected to be aware of, and comply with, the Code of Conduct and its related policies. A formal statement of awareness must be signed upon election or appointment to Branch committees.

3.  The Code of Conduct provides a framework of principles for conducting business and dealing with customers, colleagues and other stakeholders which are:

- to act with integrity and professionalism;


- be scrupulous in the proper use of Association information, funds, equipment, facilities and other assets;


- to exercise fairness, equity, courtesy, and sensitivity in dealing with Members, each other and other stakeholders; and


- to avoid conflict of interests or the appearance of a conflict of interest.





1. To advocate for measures beneficial to annuitants and potential annuitants of the Public Service of Canada, the Canadian Forces, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Federally appointed Judiciary and other Federal Agencies or bodies deemed appropriate by the Association’s Board of Directors.

2. To Oppose measures inimical to the Association and it’s members.

3. To Promote the general welfare of the Association and members.

4. To Participate in local/provincial advocacy, dealing with issues of importance to the Association and seniors in our community.

5. To Inform members and seniors of the track records of the B.C. and federal governments, of the election platforms of all B.C. and national political parties, and of their potential impacts on seniors in our community.

6. To Meet with MPs, MLAs and Civic Officials representing our community ;

To Inform them of the Associations concerns and activities ;

To Inform them of the needs of seniors ;  and

To Suggest how these concerns and needs can be addressed.